Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

Creating a Home That's Family Friendly

Even if you have young children, it is still easy to have a home which is tastefully decorated. Below are great tips to creating a child friendly environment without locking everything away inside your cabinets.

Existing With Toddlers

Lots of people believe that if they have toddlers, all things breakable have to be banished into the closet until it's safe to display them again, but this is not so. The only thing that you actually need to accomplish is to rearrange a few things - breakable knickknacks can be moved to a higher place such as a shelf or perhaps a piano top that is beyond the little one's reach. You can shift unbreakables, like silver, baskets, wooden boxes, and metal objects, on to any lower surfaces which are toddler height including lower shelves, coffee tables, and side tables.

Within a baby or toddler's bedroom, put soft toys and books on low shelves where they can be easily reached by your child, and display picture frames and breakable keepsakes on the top shelves, out of reach. Make sure that any furnishings that may potentially fall over are attached securely to your wall to ensure there will be no unfortunate accidents.

If you love cute picture frames, your child's room is an excellent place to display some, like sweet heart picture frames or cute flower frames.

As They Grow…

Baby rooms may easily be turned into a much more "grown-up" looking space with a few simple changes: Replace a rocking chair with a comfy upholstered one to read in.

Many changing tables are set atop a complete dresser; remove the changing table top and hang some wall shelves above and you'll get several more years out of the dresser.

Replace "baby" fabrics and also designs with a lot more mature ones like plaids or stripes that are in the same general color scheme so that they'll still complement the rest of the room (walls and floors).

When you're done with floor toys for the babies, a great replacement would be a set of sturdy chairs and a small table you can use for drawing, enjoying games, and having a "tea party." A young child always appreciates a place of their own where they can play with friends or play alone.

If your child's room has "baby" wallpaper, change it out with washable vinyl paper in a very light color that coordinates with any fabrics in the room.

Closed In Storage

When you've got kids, there never seems to be enough space for storage. One choice is to save out of season clothing in closed storage bins out of sight, a good location is on the top shelf of their closet.

Whether it's inside the child's room or another room of your house where your child plays, it's nice to have some open shelving for children to enjoy their toys and books, but it's also nice to keep a lot of them out from sight for a less cluttered look, and hopefully less overall mess. A trunk of some kind is desirable for many people, but be cautious with this particular choice since the lid might slam upon your son or daughter's little fingers. A less risky way to have closed storage is within cabinets that have sliding doors or doors and drawers that open out, or perhaps a mixture of both. It is possible to find such storage cabinets that can fit within a closet, too.

So, when you have a toddler in your home, don't despair. Try these tips and both you and your child can enjoy your home.

Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

How To Explore Nature As a Family

Exploring nature can be a fantastic way to spend quality time together as a family. There are so many things to do and see outdoors that you have a practically endless number of activities you can participate in. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, watching birds or gardening, nature really has something for everyone. If you would like to learn some wonderful ways to spend enjoyable time with your family, here are some nature exploration activities to do outdoors.

Visit Your Neighborhood Park

Regardless of where you reside, it is likely you have got a park close to your home. An afternoon at the park is usually a good way to have fun and enjoy nature simultaneously. Select a park which includes facilities you are aware all your family members will enjoy, like a walking trail, sports field or perhaps a nice picnic area. While you're at the park, make time to enjoy everything nature has to offer, like the beautiful fall leaves, the squirrels and birds, and even the ants that march across your picnic table in pursuit of your sandwich. Make sure you take your camera along so as to capture some great nature shots. It is very likely that you will have some photographs that will be absolutely perfect for placing in wood picture frames which can be used in room decoration.

Take Yourself on a Walk

Walking is among those exercises that just about everyone is able to enjoy. Look for interesting hiking trails that will appeal to everyone in your family. Make sure to choose a trail which is a good match for everyone. For instance, when you're pushing a young child inside a stroller, then choosing a hike over a path that goes uphill might pose too great a challenge. If you discover that your household really enjoys hiking, attempt to pick a different path every time in order to keep things interesting. Needless to say, even the same path can offer different experiences, depending on the season. When you get to the top of the hill, the view is going to be much different on a day that's snowy than on a lovely and crisp fall day. Taking a hike is also a wonderful way for everyone in the family to receive a bit more exercise and enjoy some fresh air.

Go to the Zoo

If it has been a while since your family has visited a zoo, perhaps it is time to plan a visit. Going to the zoo is often a very inexpensive outing, and it could be a lot of fun to view all the different kinds of animals. Needless to say, in addition to being an enjoyable experience, it can also be quite educational. Be sure that you remember to bring the digital camera with you in order to take plenty of pictures. Children often especially enjoy a trip to the zoo. If at all possible, allow them to take their very own cameras so that they can take photos of whatever interests them most. Once they get home, the kids can have a excellent time decorating their bedrooms with fun hanging picture frames that have photos of their favorite animals.

Now you have some fantastic ideas to do when you need to spend some quality time together as a family. Enjoy your loved ones at the same time that you are out enjoying nature!